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Weddings are a day for love first, and we love LOVE!

We strive to make sure our couples can focus on each other on their big day without us becoming a third and fourth wheel. Our documentarian, unobtrusive shooting style allows our couples to see their big day from a third-person perspective that doesn’t butt in to the romance .

Our Style

We didn’t choose the name “Recollection” Films for nothing.

Our goal is always to preserve the memories of the biggest moments of the big day without getting in the way. We document the best parts of the wedding day as observers to show the couple anything they missed as well as stylize their memories of the day!

Wedding Films

RJ and Ivy:

RJ and Ivy are incredibly sweet and adore each other . Our goal was to show their passion and joyous energy in their wedding film.

Jay and Becky:

Jay and Becky had a beautiful elopement in Panama City Beach, Florida with their new blended family. We wanted to capture their fun-loving nature in their wedding film.

Daniel and Hannah:

Daniel and Hannah are a high-spirited and adventurous couple. Our goal was to reflect their spontaneous energy in their wedding film.

Garrett and Angelique:

Garret and Angelique care deeply for one another and love to cut loose with their friends and family. Our vision was to document those elements in their wedding film.

Brian and Kelsey:

Brian and Kelsey love each other and their family. Our goal was to show this love in their wedding film.

Our videography services start at $1199

We try to work with our couples to deliver the best service for THEM!

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